Clear Braces, Clear Smiles

Ceramic braces — also known as clear braces — from Storms & Swiderski Orthodontics are made of translucent material and blend in with your natural smile. They’re especially popular with adult patients due to their cosmetic appeal.


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What Are Clear Braces?

Your smile deserves a treatment that can handle tough cases while blending in to keep your treatment under wraps.

Self-ligating ceramic braces bring the best of both metal braces and clear aligners to treat your teeth to the max to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Understanding Your Clear Solution

Clear braces provide you with a mix of strong teeth straightening technology in a discreet package. Unlike metal braces, your clear braces use ceramic brackets that are the natural color of your teeth to blend into your smile.

Our clear braces are also self-ligating, meaning they use a special component to hold your wire into place.

Your clear braces are similar to metal braces. They use brackets that attach to your teeth to act as an anchor point for the archwire. Each bracket attaches the archwire to apply the needed force to move your smile.

Normally, there’d be elastics over each bracket to help hold onto the archwire, but with self-ligating clear braces, the elastic steps aside. The self-ligating system makes your clear braces less noticeable, more comfortable, and more effective.

Clear Braces &
Their Benefits

Our self-ligating clear braces give you a discreet and powerful treatment to take your smile to the next level. Let’s look into what makes clear braces your solution to solving your smile issues.

Aesthetic Appeal

The biggest benefit of clear braces is their ability to blend into your smile to create a stealthy treatment.

We make your ceramic brackets closely match the natural color of your teeth, making them less noticeable than their metal alternatives. This makes them a popular choice for teens and adults who are more conscious about their appearance during treatment.

Effective for Your Smile

Clear braces can tackle a wide range of orthodontic issues, including more complex cases that clear aligners might not be able to handle. This means you don’t have to compromise your treatment for the looks you want.

Shorter Treatment Times

Depending on your case, our self-ligating clear braces can lead to a shorter treatment compared to traditional braces. The self-ligating mechanism allows for more efficient tooth movement, bringing your dream smile to reality faster.

Clear Vs. Metal Braces

While clear braces and metal braces use the same parts to bring out your dream smile, there are a few key differences to remember when choosing your treatment.


Clear braces use ceramic brackets that are smoother and less likely to irritate the inside of your mouth. Plus, with no elastics, self-ligating clear braces can have less pressure felt during treatment.

Treatment Efficiency

Both of our clear and metal braces can handle complex orthodontic issues. However, because we make clear braces from ceramic materials, they’re a little more fragile solution compared to metal braces.


Clear braces require more intensive hygiene as the ceramic brackets can stain your smile if not properly cared for.

While metal braces are less prone to staining, both need regular cleaning to keep your smile in good health.


Clear Braces use ceramic materials, which can make them more expensive than metal braces. But if you’re looking for a hard-working, discreet treatment, we’ll work with you at Storms & Swiderski Orthodontics to make your perfect treatment affordable.

Clear Braces FAQs

You may have a few more questions about clear braces that we haven’t covered. At Storms & Swiderski Orthodontics, we aim to inform our patients about their treatment options before their first consultation.

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